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SnagFilms is a company dedicated to ubiquitous distribution of non-fiction (documentary) and independent films. The company enables better, faster and cheaper distribution of this content, broadening the audience for the films and generating additional revenues for the filmmakers, who can then go on and create more films.

National Data Apps

To create a suite of National Data Apps - platforms and tools for delivering federal data to the public

Armstrong CMS

To support the free publishing software for nonprofit news organizations developed by two leaders, The Bay Citizen and The Texas Tribune

Patchwork Nation

To advance new reporting models and partnerships by extending the Patchwork Nation system of county-by-county demographic breakdowns to individual congressional districts.


To build a web service and open source tools to display public data in easy-to-understand, highly visual ways

Local Wiki

To create an easy-to-use open source "wiki" platform tailored to the needs of local communities

1—12 of 56 results