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National Citizenship Collaboration

To support the creation of the National Citizenship Collaboration to test new program models, technology, collaboration and resources to enable more immigrants to become naturalized citizens in Detroit, Miami, San Jose, Long Beach and Charlotte


To support an expanded KaBoom! model to include expanded training for volunteers and capacity building for the local sponsoring nonprofit in nine playgrounds builds in Akron, Miami and Detroit Democracy 2.0

To allow to expand Democracy 2.0 - its community-based, millennial-led engagement project - into five Knight communities: Detroit, San Jose, Miami, Charlotte and Philadelphia

Miami-Dade Public Library System

To create an interactive learning space within the public libraries where young people can learn to use and create digital media as a way to engage with their peers and community tool for nonprofit arts

To assure the successful launch of, an innovative fundraising site that will allow cultural organizations in Charlotte and Miami to post projects online and market them to potential donors

Laptops for Holmes Elementary School

To bridge the digital divide for students in Holmes Elementary School by giving laptops, training and specialized curriculum to all students and teachers

Knight Fellows Program at RSMAS

To create The Knight Fellows Program at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, allowing the school to increase its research proficiency by attracting an elite class of national and international Ph.D. scientists

Silver Knight Awards

To recognize outstanding high school seniors who have maintained excellent grades and contributed significant service to their schools and communities through the Silver Knight Awards

E-Libraries: Miami

To increase access to the Internet and digital literacy skills to the residents of Hialeah using their 5 strategically located neighborhood e-libraries

Strong Women, Strong Girls South Florida

To support a pipeline of skills development programming for 150 high-risk girls in Miami-Dade County through the collaboration of Strong Women, Strong Girls South Florida and Alonso Mourning Charities' Honey Shine Mentoring Program

2012 Annual Conference

To provide support for the Grantmakers in the Arts 2012 Annual Conference to be held in Miami, Florida

1—12 of 26 results