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News repurposed to promote reading education and literacy.


Making it easier for residents to register and create new businesses by building open source software that governments can use to simplify the process

Launching a public policy simulator that helps people visualize the impact that public policies like health care reform and school budget changes might have on local economies and communities

Own Local

Own Local sells digital media services to small and medium businesses (SMBs) in partnership with local news publishers, enabling publishers to leverage their local brand and provide a one-stop shop for SMB digital services and improving revenue for small and regional publishers in particular.


Poetica is a seamless way to get feedback on anything you've written, from friends, colleagues or anyone else who can help improve your words. Upload your text to Poetica's browser-based editor and give and receive feedback as if you'd printed your writing off and marked it up with a pen


PolicyMic is an online media network that redefines engagement with the news. On PolicyMic, the more you respond to articles, share your ideas, and accumulate credibility from others, the more you'll be able to do and say. PolicyMic has built a unique, dynamic, growing community with diverse political viewpoints that encourages ongoing discussion and engagement.

Pop Up Archive

Organizing sound and making it searchable, so journalists and scholars can tell stories better.


Seene app enables 3D photography from mobile phones.


Senzari’s open graph technology enables content recommendation across media. Publishers can use this technology to drive audience engagement by better integrating music and videos.


SnagFilms is a company dedicated to ubiquitous distribution of non-fiction (documentary) and independent films. The company enables better, faster and cheaper distribution of this content, broadening the audience for the films and generating additional revenues for the filmmakers, who can then go on and create more films.


Podcasting production and distribution


Submittable enables publishers to collect, review and charge for submissions of text, video and pictures, providing better, more timely responses to audience generated content.

13—24 of 863 results