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YMCA of Fort Wayne

To expand arts programming for children and families in music, dance, drama and visual arts

Lexington Children's Theatre

For a marketing and audience development initiative focusing on the growth and long-term viability of the Lexington Children's Theatre

Macon Film Festival

To support the continued growth and success of the Macon Film Festival with two year start up funding for a part-time contract programmer for the festival.

Artist Challenge

The Free Library will host a challenge to select five artists, in conjunction with community members, to create new works of art in the five branches where they will pilot their new 21st Century approach.

3D Art Installation for the Web

To support an artistic project by OpenEnded Group that combines 3D visualizations with personal testimonies, showcasing a unique cross-section of Detroit, to be presented as an installation and on the Web using the emerging WebGL framework.

Knight Night in Akron

To support "Knight Night in Akron" and Akron Preview Event for the 35th Cleveland International Film Festival (2011) and 36th Cleveland International Film Festival (2012).

McColl Center for Visual Art

To elevate and energize community discussion, engagement and excitement by bringing six to eight new Knight artists in residence to McColl Center for Visual Art leading to increased regional and national attention

Mu Performing Arts

To empower immigrants in the Twin Cities to tell their stories through original theatrical performances with puppetry, masks and movement created in collaboration with Masanari Kawahara.

Quiet as its Kept

Drawing parallels between the Reconstruction era and today’s social justice movements with a new production that combines figure skating, Afro-modern dance, live vocals and Ida B. Wells’ speeches

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