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1st ACT Silicon Valley

To create a new sense of place in Silicon Valley by supporting an initiative that uses the lens of creativity to bring the future into focus and inspire physical and cultural improvements

Knight New Media Endowment

To enable a unique orchestral academy to solidify its role as cultural icon by creation of a Knight New Media Endowment that will help the organization capitalize on technology and explore new performance formats

Miami Fellows Initiative

To strengthen the leadership ranks of the Miami region by responding to a challenge that will build an endowment for the acclaimed Miami Fellows Initiative

The Detroit Institute of Arts

To help the Detroit Institute of Arts transform its relationship to audiences by supporting a pilot project using a PDA (personal digital assistant) to deliver information about exhibits

National League of Cities

To provide mayors and their staffs in Knight communities with the training, resources and support necessary to advance the naturalization of eligible immigrants

National Council of YMCAs of America

To develop the model YMCA Newcomer-Immigrant Program which will be implemented in seven Knight communities and then replicated nationally to support the successful integration of immigrants into our communities

Boys & Girls Clubs of South Central Kansas

To address Wichita's "talent imperative" by creating an innovative program that networks youth development and workforce development in the setting of a key neighborhood institution

Knight School Education Series Endowment

To help create a vibrant museum culture in Miami by endowing Art for all Miami, an art education program that will lower the barrier to entry to the visual arts by taking 40,000 students to class at the museum each year

New Economy Initiative

To speed the transition of southeast Michigan to a knowledge-based, entrepreneurial, creative economy through support of a broad-based philanthropic collaborative called the New Economy Initiative

New World Symphony

To enhance Miami's cultural landscape by partially underwriting the direct costs associated with the engagement of more than 30 guest artists and conductors during the symphony's 20th Anniversary Season

1—12 of 150 results