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To enable individuals to create narrowly targeted, local niche publications with local advertising


To create a micro-payment system to fund investigative news reports

Freedom Fone

To create an economical way for poor people to use cell phones to create and gather information in forms difficult for authoritarian governments to control

Community Radio in India

To use the latest software and computer-based FM transmitters to reduce the cost of creating rural radio stations

Sochi Reporter

To test the latest social networking and user-generated-content tools in a small Russian town about to host the Olympics

Transparent Journalism

To help search engines better distinguish between well-reported journalism and everything else on the Internet

Reporting On

To create a social networking tool to help reporters use one another as resources, to identify trends and to add context to their own work


To create an easy to use software package to help public radio stations create web sites

Denver Open Media

To create free open-source software to enable Public Access Television stations to better serve and engage communities

Community News Network

To create a new kind of college newspaper by involving award-winning journalists in the creation of an open-source software platform

1—12 of 14 results