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Museum of Fashion

To celebrate the art of fashion through exhibitions that highlight South Florida's diversity and famous designers with local ties.

Detroit Film Labs

To foster a dynamic community of Detroit storytellers by offering 'Detroit Film Labs,' a series of workshops to first-time filmmakers in underserved communities

Bearded Ladies Cabaret Revolution

To attract new audiences to theater and use the medium as a way to explore politics, gender, sexuality and identity through a series of original, late-night cabarets

Bas Fisher Invitational

To stimulate creativity in Miami's art scene by supporting an established gallery founded on providing young, unrepresented artists with free facilities and events to present their work to the community

Hamilton Ink Spot

To expand this cooperative that provides daily classes and a mentorship program for the hand printing of original artwork.

Write A House

To bring new vitality to the literary arts in Detroit by expanding 'Write a House,' which awards renovated homes to writers based on the quality of their work in Broward

To connect local cultural projects to donors by bringing to Broward County, which allows cultural organizations to crowd-source funding for specific projects.

Little Berlin Fairgrounds

To help transform the East Kensington neighborhood by turning an empty lot into an event space for musicians, art fairs and children's workshops

Michelle Andonian

To mark the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide through a book of photographs and a live performances

157—168 of 716 results