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To expand the local reporting capacity of and provide a viable alternate local news site


To create a new digital distribution platform for documentary films

Sochi Reporter

To test the latest social networking and user-generated-content tools in a small Russian town about to host the Olympics

[NAME] Publications

To increase exposure for local art and artists by developing a nonprofit publishing house for Miami-based art books

Ben Franklin Parkway Development

To accelerate the transformation of the Ben Franklin Parkway into a world-class, pedestrian-oriented cultural campus through coordinated, extensive public space investments


For NewsCloud to create and launch two social media publications on Facebook to test strategies that leverage social media environments to engage youth in news and information

Transparent Journalism

To help search engines better distinguish between well-reported journalism and everything else on the Internet

Reporting On

To create a social networking tool to help reporters use one another as resources, to identify trends and to add context to their own work


To help foster public awareness of the value of journalism and the First Amendment; to obtain naming rights to two broadcast studios and one conference center; and to create a permanent exhibit honoring the Knight legacy and the Knight Foundation's work

13—24 of 211 results