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Documents Empowerment Project

Helping low-income Americans prove their eligibility for public benefit programs by scaling a benefit program document database and discovery platform.

FOIA Mapper

The goal is to build an open source 'FOIA map,' which will comprise: a catalog of government information systems, semantic descriptions of the records they contain, and relational schema / documentation describing how the records are stored.

Law, Order & Algorithms

Increasing transparency and accountability in law enforcement by compiling, analyzing and releasing a data set of more than 100 million highway patrol stops throughout the country.

Legislation Tracker: Beyond the bills

Bringing more accountability and transparency to state lawmaking by creating a tracking tool for all major bills passed in New Jersey that would provide information on whether the law was enforced and milestones were met.

Security Force Monitor

Informing and advancing journalism, human rights and other public interest work by compiling and structuring public data on police, military and other security forces.

Weighing the Wisdom of the Crowd

Enabling anyone to survey the crowd and share reliable, credible results through the use of easy-to-use online tools that allow users to create more scientifically sound surveys.

Macon Downtown Challenge

To help Macon attract and retain talent, expand economic opportunity and build civic engagement through a semiannual call for new ideas, the Downtown Challenge, which will support the implementation of the Macon Action Plan for the city's urban core.

Better Block Foundation

To attract and retain talent, expand opportunity and build civic engagement by funding the creation and operation of the Better Block Foundation, a nonprofit focused on engaging people in rapidly making their neighborhoods more vibrant.

121—132 of 536 results