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Project Grantee Name Community Amount Awarded
Civil Society Institute Civil Society Institute Akron and others $225,000 01.08.2005
Knight American Artists Fellowship Fund United States Artists, Inc. Aberdeen and others $1,000,000 07.12.2015
Local Initiative Support Corporation Local Initiatives Support Corporation Detroit and others $5,500,000 10.12.2007
MinnPost MinnPost Duluth, St Paul $250,000 01.10.2007
Minnesota Council on Foundations Minnesota Council on Foundations Duluth, St Paul $5,055 01.06.2011
Minnesota Idea Open Minnesota Community Foundation Duluth, St Paul $500,000 08.12.2008
New Civics Practitioners Conference Mikva Challenge Grant Foundation Inc. Aberdeen and others $197,000 14.11.2014
The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Akron and others $800,000 01.07.2005

1—8 of 8 results