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'Is Paris Burning?'

To foster the appreciation and understanding of new work and thinking in the dance field with "Is Paris Burning?," a 3-year series of artist-curated and site-specific performances that examine and re-invigorate traditional conceptions of dance in Miami

A Play, a Pie and a Pint

To produce 'A Play, a Pie and a Pint', a series of plays performed in non-traditional venues at non-traditional times on days when other theaters are traditionally dark

Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture

To promote understanding and respect among youths and adults of all ethnic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds with an Arab Music Concert Series

Artists in Residence in Everglades

To inform, connect and support artists, writers and musicians who wish to be ambassadors for the Everglades by providing month-long onsite residencies

Arts Board Marketplace

To close the gap in the number and diversity of board candidates accessible to arts organizations by developing a program aimed at matching business and community participants with available board positions at arts organizations in the Greater Miami area

Astral Artistic Services

To create an innovative five-concert project, including a one-day three-concert festival, presenting contemporary composers exploring their African-American, Asian-American and Latin-American cultures


To enrich the BalletX audience's experience of dance further by inviting fellow artists from the region to perform during intermissions

Bridge Red Studios Project Space

To provide a space for exhibition, documentation and creative exchange of works and ideas by strong and developed local artists who do not get the exposure their work merits

Building Audiences

To increase exposure for local artists with Building Audiences, a curation project on The Key, a website showcasing Philadelphia's thriving local music scene

CLM Center for Ceramics

To revitalize arts and crafts in South Florida with the C.L.M. Center for Ceramics, a workshop atmosphere inspiring an array of projects by artists, craftsmen and students

1—12 of 65 results