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A Civic Blast

To deliver relevant content through new media channels targeted to 18-30 year olds who have not attended college

ACT for Alexandria

For the ACTion Network, a public issues online forum where problems are posted, debated and citizens decide on what actions to take in response

Akron Digital Media Center

To establish a digital media center that trains citizen journalists whose content is broadcast to downtown projection screens and posted to existing online site in partnership with the local newspaper

BG Time

To bridge ethnic, economic and especially generational lines to raise digital literacy among seniors, enhancing their participation in civic dialogue

To establish a web-based place where Berks County citizens can find out what is happening in their community

Be Counted, Represent

To use cellular phones and other technologies to alert Latino youth to the importance of census participation

Bilingual News Reporting for the Northwest

To share stories across diverse communities, Northwest Public Radio (NWPR) will partner with a Spanish-language radio station to create and share reports that both stations will broadcast and disseminate across a variety of platforms

C-U Citizen Access

To use a multifaceted approach to address information needs of overlooked populations in a college town

1—12 of 118 results