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Food Information Center

To gather information on local food and health assets and disseminate that information in ways which allow for healthy lifestyle choices

Free Flow

To identify information gaps in five local communities, Berks County Community Foundation will use Knight Foundation’s Community Information Toolkit to determine what kind of information residents need but aren’t getting through the online news site,, and other media outlets.

To make an information source for news by and about mature citizens of the area

To recruit, train and empower seniors as citizen journalists, bridge the "Gray Divide" and create a model that can be used elsewhere


To create a digital platform for engaging the seven-county region in development and use of greenways and green spaces they share

Grow Citizen Journalism

For the Grow Citizen Journalism Project to engage diverse communities in environmental information and action using mobile media tools, targeted messaging, and training in citizen journalism

To expand reporting capacity of Florida health news coverage in Tallahassee, Bradenton and Miami

Hiki No

To link more than 60 middle and high schools across the islands of Hawaii to produce weekly newscasts for PBS Hawaii stations

Hyper-local Information

To provide a digital platform that links neighborhood residents to a wide-range of civic services and activities. This pilot will further test the viability of a digital network to provide services and link residents


For an investigative reporting team to provide in-depth reporting for media outlets across Colorado

37—48 of 118 results