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National Public Radio

To extend Knight Foundation's digital training of the NPR newsroom by creating 12 local news test sites linked to one another and to NPR. This grant is the test project of the creation of a new local reporting network

National Security Archive Fund

To increase the freedom of flow of information to citizens and journalists by underwriting comprehensive audits that keep pressure on officials to release information in a timely and legal manner


Social media headline optimization for media and brands.

Neighborhood Drawing Tool

The Neighborhood Drawing Tool is a web tool that will allow users to define their neighborhood boundaries and find data aggregated to that geography. Our goal is to build a working prototype so that users can pull the data they need at the geography they want easily and quickly so they can spend more time advocating for change in their neighborhood or informing discussion at a public meeting.

New America Foundation

To create media policy ideas and advance the findings of the Knight Commission on the Information needs of Communities

New Business Models for News Project

For the New Business Models for News Project, to openly produce detailed business plans that will be used to create sustainable models for the future of news

New Engagement Tools for Media

To allow newsrooms to better measure audience engagement, beyond clicks and page views, by creating an open-source WordPress plugin that will measure “attention minutes” to determine how long users are interacting with content.

New Tools for OpenStreetMap

Launching tools that make it easier for communities to contribute to OpenStreetMap, the community-mapping project used by millions via foursquare and Wikimedia and becoming a leading source for open, street-level data. DevelopmentSeed will create the tools.

New York Academy of Medicine

To create global agreement of the responsibilities of government and media during disasters that threaten public health

409—420 of 755 results