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New Engagement Tools for Media

To allow newsrooms to better measure audience engagement, beyond clicks and page views, by creating an open-source WordPress plugin that will measure “attention minutes” to determine how long users are interacting with content.

New Tools for OpenStreetMap

Launching tools that make it easier for communities to contribute to OpenStreetMap, the community-mapping project used by millions via foursquare and Wikimedia and becoming a leading source for open, street-level data. DevelopmentSeed will create the tools.

New York Academy of Medicine

To create global agreement of the responsibilities of government and media during disasters that threaten public health

New features for How Wrong You Are

To add two new features to How Wrong You Are: (1) an embeddable How Wrong You Are quiz format where we focus on a specific topic, and (2) functionality that enables people to participate in our project by adding their own questions.

News Aggregator

To build and test a location-based, mobile news aggregator to help individuals connect to news that is trending in their area, as the first phase of a project to build pop-up civic spaces based on news and information

News Challenge Bloggers

For a public education campaign to highlight community news innovation, featuring the Knight News Challenge winners

News Works

For a consultative process to expand and strengthen WHYY's use of digital technologies


For NewsCloud to create and launch two social media publications on Facebook to test strategies that leverage social media environments to engage youth in news and information


To launch and support twelve news organizations on NewsCloud's Facebook community application platform

409—420 of 734 results