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Capitol Hound

To prototype Capitol Hound, a searchable audio archive and alert system for N.C. General Assembly sessions.

To create a prototype version of, a mobile app designed to aid juvenile offenders in navigating the legal process

Geo Data App

To create a Git-based collaborative platform to produce, review and publish geo datasets.

GovLoop Academy

To create two online courses as a pilot of GovLoop Academy, an online learning platform for civil servants.

Library Box

To improve and internationalize LibraryBox, a device that provides digital access to information in areas and situations with limited Internet connectivity.


To test the use of crowd-funded advertising through the Louder platform in order to extend the reach of journalism that is important to audiences.


To prototype the use of new machine learning algorithms to discover patterns in documents and networks.


Minezy is a tool that will allow journalists to deduce social relationships, hierarchical structures and topical importance from email archives. The goal of the prototype will be to allow journalists to quickly use the structured data contained within Microsoft Outlook archives to create a rudimentary analysis of a target subject social, political and/or business network.

News on Demand

To prototype News On Demand, a system to provide curated news to readers based on their available time and attention.

Open Data Philly

To improve the usability of the OpenDataPhilly data catalog and create instructional materials on the usage of the site's resources


To create a prototype version of PressSecure, an application to securely archive citizen media, while preserving metadata needed for authentication.

Project Fission

To build a prototype application to test the use of small, structured information units in narrative storytelling.

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