Knight Community Information Challenge

Circuit Riders

Circuit Riders are available to help community and place-based foundations think through their news and information projects - whether they are considering launching or are midway through a project. 

Circuit Riders offer technical guidance and help foundations anticipate and surmount potential challenges in their projects. They can consult around a range of issues, including Web development, mobile, data and data visualization, journalism and project development, partnerships, social media and community outreach. 

Circuit Riders are not Knight employees. They cannot help foundations write grant proposals.

To request Circuit Rider assistance or submit other inquiries to Knight Foundation, please follow the e-mail instructions below. To help Knight determine whether Circuit Rider assistance is appropriate, please be specific about what advice you think your project might need, or what questions you have in planning your project.

In your e-mail, please let us know if you need help:

  1. Brainstorming your foundation’s idea for a community news or information project.
  2. Understanding possible technology options for your project.
  3. Finding information about projects that are similar to what youre proposing.
  4. Other. Please explain.

Foundation leaders can request the help of a Circuit Rider by email. Contact