The Journalism Foundation announces collaboration with PBS MediaShift

Mark Glaser

Mediashift Idea Lab Editor Mark Glaser

The Journalism Foundation is pleased to announce the beginning of a new collaboration with PBS MediaShift. This collaboration will see the two organisations share content in a bid to enhance debate on new media developments across the US, the UK, and beyond. The Journalism Foundation editor Arion McNicoll spoke to MediaShift editor Mark Glaser about his thoughts on the future of media.

What is Mediashift? How did it come about?

MediaShift began as a one-man blog run by me and hosted and funded by PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) in 2006. The idea was to look at the way that traditional media (newspapers, TV, radio, music, movies, books) were being disrupted by digital technology and the Internet. Thus, the motto: Your Guide to the Digital Media Revolution. My producer at PBS at the time thought that statement might be too strong, but on the contrary, we have seen an amazing revolution in all these areas with the advent of social media, streaming video, user-generated content and so much more.

With grant funding from the Knight Foundation I was able to launch a sister site Idea Lab ( as a place to learn about innovators in community news. I was also able to start selling sponsorships on the site and hired editors, marketers and a sales manager to help support me, while the sites became online magazines with dozens of contributors. One area of coverage that I never expected at the start has been education, and how journalism and communications schools are dealing with change. Another big subject has been technology overload and the need for people to find balance in their lives with the technology all around them. Last February we launched our third site, Collaboration Central (, examining how people can work together better in the digital age.


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