Lean back with Watchup, the iPad app for video news

By Emma Gardner

Studies have shown that iPad users tend to lean back when on the device, diving deep into long-form news, entertainment and even advertising (see here, here and here for some data). Watchup, a video news app for the iPad, hopes to capitalize on this trend.

The soon-to-launch app, which won a prestigious Knight Foundations News Challenge award earlier this week, wants to make it easier for news junkies to find compelling, high-quality videos.

“We live in a world where users are bombarded by an ocean of information,” Watchup chief executive Adriano Farano told me. “We want to make sure that media brands can still play the role of the lighthouse in this ocean. Watchup will be an oasis of good content.”

Watchup will work by allowing users to create their own personalized “newscasts,” with videos from some of the top news outlets around the world. The app will be free and will generate revenue through advertising, with the hope that the calibre of videos will attract top dollar. 

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