Media Breaker, Online Educational Video Editor, Launches in NYC

Knight-funded tool for nationwide use in schools overcomes hurdles for educators teaching 21st-century skills, incorporates fair use and encourages critical media literacy; intends to "create 10,000 little Jon Stewarts...breaking the media and changing the message."


In an event this week at New York University, The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project) introduced the Media Breaker, an online video editor designed exclusively for remixing copyrighted content in an educational setting. The launch event, sponsored by NYU School of Law’s Engelberg Center for Innovation Law & Policy and the Mozilla Hive NYC Learning Network, included panel discussions with students as well as media and education experts, followed by a reception. The Media Breaker and supporting educational materials can now be accessed online at

During his remarks, D.C. Vito, The LAMP’s Executive Director said, “In breaking new ground with the Media Breaker, it is our intent to help create 10,000 little Jon Stewarts – engaged, excited and activated users breaking the media and changing the message.” 



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