'Super PAC App' Shazams The Truth Out Of Political Ads

As more and more political advertisements start to ambush your evening television viewing bliss, do you ever wish that each one would include a BS barometer?

Well, I am glad you asked, because there is now an app for that. Kind of.

It’s called the Super Pac App, and it’s designed to empower American voters by providing information that can allow you to dig deeper into the political television advertisements.

Using revolutionary audio recognition technology provided by partnering company TuneSat, the iPhone application picks up audio waves from political television ads and matches them against a database the same way Shazam does with music. The app identifies how much money was spent on the ad, as well as the organization that funded it. It also allows users to rate the ad and fact check the claims that are made based on information provided by third party nonpartisan sources.

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