Knight News Challenge: Casting the Net Wide for Innovation

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Journalism, Media Innovation


The Knight News Challenge is a five-year, $25 million, media innovation contest to find new, digital ways to inform communities. This feature article reviews the contest through year four, pinpointing lessons learned, profiling a selection of contest winners and offering snapshots of their wide-ranging projects.

The article addresses questions such as:

  • How has the contest affected the Knight Foundation’s work in journalism and media?
  • What can be learned from some of the winners’ projects about media innovation?
  • What challenges have winners faced?


Report Partner: The report was produced by Christopher Connell.



A List of Knight News Challenge Winners and their projects from 2007 to 2010.

  • A Quest for Fresh Ideas and a Dose of Humility Drive the Knight News Challenge – A look at the Knight review panel’s process.

  • Building Networks and Connections – News Challenge fosters working relationships among journalists, programmers and activists.

  • An Alliance with the Inventor of the World Wide Web – a profile of Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s project with the Media Standards Trust to promote transparency and advance universal access.

  • Success and Failure in the Windy City – A brief overview of Everyblock’s ability to secure marketplace support and the challenges faced by Chi-Town Daily News

  • Playing Games with the News – A review of efforts to support game research and its application to journalism

  • ‘Freedom Fone’ Rings for Zimbabwe – An overview of Freedom Fone, a project that allows people to dial up news and public-interest information on their cell phones.

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