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To expand the News 21 project to incubate student-led media projects, enhance journalism curriculum development and experiment with new forms of in-depth reporting in 12 universities across the country.


Key Questions

  • To what extent has the perception of journalism education and the role of journalism schools changed among news industry leaders during the past five years?
  • What role do news leaders feel News21 has played in transforming journalism education?
  • To what extent do news organization leaders believe that News21 alumni are better equipped to join and help transform the news industry compared to students from other journalism programs?

Approach: The assessment focuses on the extent to which news industry leaders view the initiative as enhancing journalism education and creating a pool of talent with new skills and expertise for the industry. This review will complement other monitoring and evaluation efforts. Information will be gathered through document reviews, and interviews with news organization leaders and program alumni.

Assessment Partner: Judy Miller


The project launched in March 2011 and is scheduled to generate findings by April 2011.

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