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Journalism, Media Innovation


To help support NPR’s transition from a public radio company to a public media company through the development of a digital training program for senior managers, leaders and reporters.


Key Questions
· How has the digital culture of NPR shifted as a result of the training?

· To what extent have the digital skills and understanding of the organization’s digital media strategy improved among managers and staff?

· What elements of the training were most effective for bolstering digital skills?

Approach: The assessment reviewed the effectiveness of NPR digital training, interviewing 18 staff and surveying 307 NPR staff and managers who received digital trainings (83% response rate). In the survey, individuals were asked to rate their performance as well as that of their peers and managers.

Assessment Partner: TCC Group


The evaluation, which started in November 2010, recently concluded. The findings will be shared in the summer of 2011. The findings explore the reach of the program, changes in individual digital skills and organizational digital culture and program training effectiveness.


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