Universal Access

At Knight Foundation, we strongly believe that information is as vital to the healthy functioning of communities as clean air, safe streets and good schools. Today,  much of the critical information people need to make decisions is offered solely online.

We believe that if you're not digital, you're a second-class citizen. You're second-class in access to information and second class economically and even socially. In a country where even entry-level job applications must be made online, denial of digital access equals denial of opportunity.

For a foundation dedicated to community and communications, that's not acceptable. That's why Knight Foundation is investing in projects in communities across the United States to ensure digital access for all Americans. They include:

  • Grants to the nonprofit OneEconomy to provide computers, Internet access and tech support for low income families in San Jose, Miami and St. Paul in 2002 and 2005;
  • Working with OneEconomy and Intel to do a series of Informational web casts for Knight communities in July of 2006 about digital access;
  • Helping OneEconomy assist Milledgeville, Georgia in acquiring a universal access grant from the State of Georgia;
  • Launching a $3.3 million initiative to expand free Internet access and training through local libraries in 12 U.S. communities;
  • Bringing Internet access to two underserved neighborhoods in Detroit.

Universal Access Content