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    Celebrating student excellence in learning game design

    June 6, 2012 by Idit Harel Caperton and Judith Kleinberg

    Celebrating student excellence in learning game design


    Knight supports Globaloria, a project of the World Wide Workshop, to advance new and innovative ways of teaching digital literacy and community engagement to students. Here, Idit Harel Caperton, founder and President, World Wide Workshop, and Judith Kleinberg, program director/San Jose/Silicon Valley, Knight Foundation write about the first annual Globey Awards, which celebrated excellence in learning game design. Above: Globey Finalists from The Levin Boys & Girls Club of Silicon Valley.

    Yesterday was an exciting day. Globaloria students and educators, their families and community leaders gathered for a special awards ceremony. Teams of students from San Jose’s Oak Grove School District and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley, who have spent hundreds of hours over the course of the school year developing educational video games through the Globaloria curriculum, were recognized for their outstanding original programming and design of video games at the annual Globey Awards.

    The Globeys celebrate excellence in learning game design and teamwork. A structured year-long process motivates students to dig deeper into their learning, and develop real-world digital literacy skills. Reflecting the rigorous nature of the program, students are judged on: 1) the technical quality of their game, 2) its educational content, 3) the quality of the original artwork and animations, 4) teamwork, 5) research skills, and 6) overall production.

    "The World Wide Workshop has been a fantastic partner this year. Globaloria has propelled students into the most exciting 21st-century world of learning," said Manny Barbara, former superintendent of the Oak Grove School District and currently the Vice President of Advocacy and Leadership at the Silicon Valley Education Foundation. Barbara served as the emcee of this year’s Globeys.

    Each of the winning games is published on, enabling visitors and aspiring game designers to learn from students’ original ideas. What’s important is that every student who participates in Globaloria becomes a producer of original multimedia content, connects with civic issues in their community, benefits from the resulting boost in critical competencies—including programming, online research skills and the effective use of Web 2.0 tools —and acquires valuable self-confidence needed to thrive in today’s global digital economy.