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Enterprise Fund

We invest in early-stage companies at the frontier of media and technology that improve people’s access to quality information because we believe this leads to healthier communities.

The Knight Enterprise Fund closed in 2016.

The Knight Enterprise Fund provided early-stage venture funding for media innovation. Before closing in 2016, it looked for companies with disruptive solutions at the intersection of information, community and engagement, particularly:

Knight Enterprise Fund — closed

Knight Enterprise Fund — closed

The Knight Enterprise Fund closed in 2016. 

New Media Companies
News sources that reinvent traditional publishing.

Publishing Tools
Better ways of telling, analyzing and distributing news.

Revenue Solutions
Technology that generates new income for news publishers and journalists.

Open Systems
Technology that reduces the distance between people and information.

Impact metrics

We measure the adoption and the impact of our portfolio companies. In total:


50 million-plus people get information from these companies every month

5K+ & 40K+

5,000-plus publishers and 40,000-plus journalists have adopted these revenue and publishing tools.


Publishers are generating over $40 million in incremental revenues per year from these enterprise solutions.


75 million people are connecting with peers to better inform one another via these open systems.

How we help

Beyond funding, Knight looks to add value to portfolio companies by leveraging our unique network of people, organizations and resources.

We provide a gateway for our portfolio companies to the network of media companies, journalists, universities and civic organizations that we have built over 60-plus years.

We fund dozens of events each year highlighting journalism and media innovation where we look to spotlight portfolio companies.

We help connect portfolio companies to 30-plus fellowship and university programs that Knight funds to help source talent.

We help craft and feature stories and press releases on the impact that portfolio companies are having on communities and media innovation.