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Episode 55:
David Maraniss

Episode 54:
Joanna Frank

Episode 53:
Marcus Westbury

Episode 52:
Erin Kelly

Episode 51:
Mark Wallace

Episode 50:
Deborah Diamond

Episode 49:
Anuj Gupta

Episode 48:
David Fierabend

Episode 47:
Meg Daly

Episode 46:
Alissa Farina

Episode 45:
Anne Wallestad

Episode 44:
Miguel Figueroa

Episode 43:
Ted Robertson

Episode 42:
Ben Bryant

Episode 41:
Ralph Rosado

Episode 40:
Roberta Gratz

Episode 39:
Lindsey Scannapieco

Episode 38:
Kathi Vian

Episode 37:
Scott Bernstein

Episode 36:
Jeremy Nowak

Episode 35:
Neil Hrushowy

Episode 34:
Erma Ranieri

Episode 33:
Kathryn Ott Lovell

Episode 32:
Shawn McCaney

Episode 31:
Tessy Britton

Episode 30:
Marc Dunkelman

Episode 29:
Jim Lasko

Episode 28:
George Gendron

Episode 27:
Paul Grogan

Episode 26:
Charles Leadbeater

Episode 25:
Avra Jain

Episode 24:
Dennis Scholl

Episode 23:
Sandra Kulli


Episode 22:
Shaun Abrahamson

Episode 21:
Matt Lerner

Episode 20:
Paul R. Levy

Episode 19:
Jason Roberts

Episode 18:
Scott Stowell

Episode 17:
Ryan Gravel

Episode 16:
Alice Cabaret

Episode 15:
Leslie Koch

Episode 14:
Angela Glover Blackwell

Episode 13:
Terry Mazany

Episode 12:
Mary Kramer

Episode 11:
Jeff Risom

Episode 10:
Vin Cipolla

Episode 9:
Phil Cooley

Episode 8:
Neil G. Ruiz

Episode 7:
Cathy Ho

Episode 6:
Joe Cortright

Episode 5:
Deborah Cullinan

Episode 4:
Bryan Boyer

Episode 3:
Mayor Chuck Reed

Episode 2:
Gil Penalosa

Episode 1:
Theaster Gates

Host: Carol Coletta, VP/community and national initiatives, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Knight Cities podcast with Carol Coletta

Meet the civic innovators working to make cities more livable, vibrant and successful.

Knight Foundation’s Carol Coletta interviews people whose ideas are helping cities attract and retain talent, open up economic opportunity and create a culture of engagement.

The Knight Cities podcast is an initiative of the Knight Foundation. Join the conversation on civic innovation.

Our Mission

Knight Foundation supports transformational ideas that promote quality journalism, advance media innovation, engage communities and foster the arts. We believe that democracy thrives when people and communities are informed and engaged.

Informed & Engaged Communities.