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To expand national Sunshine Week in 2007 to help raise public awareness and support for open government issues

This grant will help the American Society of Newspaper Editors build the Knight First Amendment Fund to continue “Sunshine Week’’ and help the nation’s leading journalism organization transform into a 21st century organization. Through this project, Sunshine Week, a national educational campaign about the importance of open government, will continue annually through at least 2010, increasing their reach each year. ASNE also will: create a reserve fund for  freedom of information issues that come up each year; hold a major conference in January 2007 and others as needed to examine the issue of federal prosecutors and the news process; hire a development person to help raise $3.75 million for a second endowment fund to help ASNE reform its membership, convention and web sites policies to expand its reach among the nation’s 1,500 daily newspapers, and lead and help editors make the transition to multimedia operations.


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