Knight Digital Media Center

Via University of California, Berkeley


To speed the news industry's digital transformation by increasing the number and impact of multimedia workshops offered by the Knight Digital Media Center

News leaders agree that the fundamentals of journalism – who a journalist is, what a story and a new medium are, and why we interact with audiences the way we do – have been upended. Journalists need to be able to make the leap to a web-first, web-centric environment.

And they also need to bring along with them the fair, accurate, contextual search for the truth that defines their role in democracy. The new demand for this work offers new opportunities for the Knight Digital Media Center to leverage change in the industry. This grant will help to expand their multimedia training workshops, add new seminars on emerging technology and increase both distance-learning and on-site training for newsrooms.

All activities will be marketed and branded under the banner of the Knight Digital Media Center. Program participants will return to their newsrooms with multimedia storytelling skills; an understanding of digital technology; an ability to teach others and a new mindset that will make them leaders in making the transformational changes newsrooms need to survive and thrive in the 21st century.

Project Team

University of California, Berkeley