Hemisphere Festival

Via Performing Arts Center Trust, Inc.


To plan for an annual performing arts festival celebrating hemispheric art

For all the vitality of its cultural and entertainment scene, Miami has never played host to a great, comprehensive, annual international festival of the performing arts. The Arsht Center strives to create and produce one, and this grant will support its planning efforts. The festival will be anchored by the uniqueness that is Miami – a blend of Latin American, Caribbean and North American arts and influences, highlighting Miami’s unique position in this hemisphere. What Art Basel is to visual arts, Hemisphere Festival will be to the performing arts, attracting audiences around the block and across the globe. The Festival will offer a wide range of presentations across cultural categories including music, theater, dance, film, comedy and spoken word. The Arsht Center will produce the Hemisphere Festival in cooperation with select Miami-based arts organizations and promoters. The festival will be developed through a three-year plan to build from a four-day weekend in year one to a full week-long celebration in year three.

Project Team

Performing Arts Center Trust, Inc.