Drupal Voicebox Module by Bill Fitzgerald

Via Tides Center


To create a free digital publishing system that allows communities to share local news and information with one another.

This grant is part of the Knight Drupal Initiative, a contest that taps into and uses the social network and aggregated knowledge of a technology community for the benefit of better grant-making. The digital revolution means the local public square is moving online. More and more, the places that connect individuals together and help them discover their common needs and challenges are local online news and information sites. But in a networked world, a single online community can be like a single island in the ocean. Communities need a network through which they can connect with other communities that might have similar needs and challenges so that they can learn from one another.

This grant will release a free publishing system that can be easily used by anyone in any community. It is expected that the new free publishing system will allow communities to receive, create and share information both within the community and with other communities. We also expect this grant to help communities share strategies, best practices and lessons learned. Ultimately this grant will be a big step toward establishing a digital solution to empower community development and civic engagement.

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