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To create a quick way to convert and load multiple newspaper files to a Web site

Joe Boydston is the Vice President of Technology and New Media for the McNaughton Newspaper Group, a small, family owned group of newspapers in Northern California. Boydston works with a team of Web programmers, designers and marketing professionals committed to creating and supporting tools that help shape community media organizations.  Simple technical problems are keeping community newspapers from making their content available on the World Wide Web. Journalists use computers at even the smallest newspapers.

But there is no free, easy-to-use software allowing news organizations, particularly those with small budgets and older equipment, to send batches of stories to be reformatted and published to the web. This grant will create new and easy-to-use tools to enable content producers to publish more legacy content online. We expect this grant to allow small community newspapers to publish more timely news and information to the web. Ultimately, this grant will save news organizations time and money, allowing them to use their resources to bring their community the news and information it needs.

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