Via World Wide Workshop for Children's Media Technology & Learning


To empower students to create their own web-games that focus on First Amendment, News Literacy and Journalism topics

The World Wide Workshop Foundation is a global, nonprofit educational organization. Its mission is to harness the potential of computers and the internet to enhance technological fluency for creative learning. Under the leadership of Dr. Idit Harel Caperton they developed Globaloria in 2006 as a network for learning social-issue web-based game design that empowers youth with digital literacies and web 2.0 skills so they can actively participate in 21st century life.

The opportunity is to experiment with an educational model that is relevant to today’s generation of students, allowing them to analyze, design and build their own web-based games to “learn by doing.” This project also provides innovative opportunities for civic engagement and participation among technologically-underserved and economically-underprivileged students in rural West Virginia. This grant will support Pilot Year 3 of Globaloria.

At least 45 students will use the new “News and Information” platform during the 2009-2010 academic year to create 20 games that reflect and reinforce their connection to First Amendment, News Literacy and Journalism related topics. It is expected that the success of this approach will encourage more and more teachers to use the “News and Information” platform to augment their civics and journalism curriculum, in turn reaching more and more students as the project goes to scale. Ultimately, we hope this will be an effective method for addressing the very real gap in First Amendment and News Literacy education.

Project Team

World Wide Workshop for Children's Media Technology & Learning