To The Village Square: We The People

Via Community Foundation of North Florida


To expand a community problem solving process which includes in-person and online discourse about challenges and ideas for meeting the challenges

In an effort to revitalize the dialogue among the city’s diverse residents, this grant will help launch “The Village Square: We the People,” a 21st century virtual and real world public square.  The project will offer
 town hall forums in addition to constructive online engagement and a community problem-solving Wiki. Organizers aim to renew Tallahassee's marketplace of ideas where good solutions rise from an informed citizenship, and where abundant information can be channeled into constructive results.

About the Organization: The Community Foundation of North Florida is a nonprofit public charity serving the 10-county Big Bend area by facilitating and promoting charitable giving and strengthening nonprofit organizations. The foundation helps people give in perpetuity to their favorite charities and helps nonprofit organizations with grants, education and endowment building expertise.

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Community Foundation of North Florida