Teach for America Miami Program

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To close the achievement gap of 25,000 students in the Miami-Dade public school system by providing funding for Teach For America Miami-Dade to grow from 95 teachers to 350 teachers per year over five years, while placing the teachers in a feeder pattern

Teach For America is the largest provider of teachers for low-income communities in the country, with approximately 7,000 members teaching nationwide. This grant will concentrate the newly enlarged TFA corps in the lowest performing feeder-school patterns in the Miami-Dade system, increasing the time spent at each school and thus having the greatest impact on students as they advance through grade levels. As a result of this grant, TFA expects to see increased student achievement each year, including raising reading levels by one and a half years, increasing children’s mastery of more difficult subjects and closing the gap in FCAT scores between low-income and more affluent students.

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