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To raise the bar on professionalism for Biloxi's 400 nonprofits through a core competencies certification program

The Mississippi Center for Nonprofits is the state’s only nonprofit management resource center – the primary source of management training, technical information, advice, answers and coaching for nonprofits. Following Hurricane Katrina, local nonprofits missed much some needed help because many national funders felt they lacked the expertise to handle the funds and the work. In response, MCNP will offer comprehensive training in nonprofit governance and management that could become an eligibility requirement for funding from local grant makers.

The program, Excellence in Action, will train board members, staff and potential leaders in board governance, financial management, information and technology, leadership development, ethics and compliance, and organizational management and planning.

As a result, MCFN expects a more professional and effective nonprofit sector, with board and staff members of 120 organizations completing the certification process.

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