Cinequest: Picture the Possibilities

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For year one of Cinequest's three-year project "Picture the Possibilities" ("PTP") to empower youth with the tools, mentors and experience needed to turn their stories into films while challenging them to drive change in their communities

The Cinequest brand was built around the “Maverick” spirit, and for over 20 years has remained true to this core ideology as it quietly grew to become the entertainment industry’s answer to emerging technologies and accelerated creative ideas that outpace the industry itself. Cinequest’s Picture the Possibilities (PTP) is a new mentoring and education program that empowers underserved youth with innovative tools, mentors, and training needed to turn their stories into film, while challenging them to drive change in their local community and around the world. Personal stories of youth around the globe—the challenges they face, their ideas for social change, and their visions for economic improvement will engage peers as well as global leaders. Participants will use uniform central questions to shape the subject of their stories. An example question may be: “How is your life today and how do you envision a better tomorrow?” The topic chosen will provide a springboard to share accounts of their personal lives and their ideas to drive transformation in their communities. PTP connects youth around the world to share ideas, gain a better understanding, build friendships, and share their hopes for the future. It educates, heals, transforms, enlightens, inspires, and creates an opportunity for an improved future not only for the participants, but for all of us who listen to their stories. PTP will utilize stories from the youth to provide a Call to Action - a tangible means for audiences around the globe to help transform communities. Cinequest will identify and partner with non-profit, philanthropic organizations directly working with local communities in the PTP sites.

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