The Hip-Hop Symphony

Via Pablo Malco Foundation


To celebrate South Florida's broad cultural traditions in a Hip Hop Symphony that combines dance and music in a show for all ages.

To celebrate South Florida’s cultural traditions, the Hip-Hop Symphony combines hip-hop dance and music with classical music and instrumentation. The show features 13 versatile hip-hop and contemporary dancers, a 20-piece orchestra, a five-piece rock band and seven-voice choir. Several tickets will also be donated to youth organizations as a way to engage young people in theater productions and classical music.

The Pablo Malco Foundation strives to provide performing arts excellence. from beginning-level classes with master instructors to professional performance opportunities for novice and professionals. The foundation is committed to helping youths grow with positive morals, dignity, confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline; to providing quality classes in which aspiring performers may continue their education; to providing paid work opportunities for performing artists in our community who live from their art or craft; and to producing fun-filled world-class musical productions for the entire family to enjoy.

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