Residency Program

Via The Miami Symphony Orchestra - MISO


To help develop South Florida's musical voice and infuse the symphonic repertoire with new energy by commissioning works through a composer-in-residence program.

The Miami Symphony Orchestra will commission new works through a composer-in-residence program, as a way to further develop South Florida’s musical voice. The orchestra will train, develop and promote three emerging composers to create music reflective of the city of Miami, including Latin-American, Afro-Caribbean and traditional orchestral pieces. The program will give the orchestra an original focus and new purpose as it channels the inspired energy of talented composers.

The Miami Symphony Orchestra's mission is to present the highest levelof musical artistic excellence to the diverse audience of South Florida. By combining symphonic music from Latin America and Spain with the music of American composers and the great European masters, MISO strives to enlighten and entertain the multicultural community and help to develop the audiences of the future.

Project Team

The Miami Symphony Orchestra - MISO