TruSchool Hip-Hop/Sixth Street Dance Studio

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To broaden and support the TruSchool Hiphop program for kids by incorporating new forms of dance, writing and cultural events.

The 6th Street Dance Studio’s TruSchool is a free hip-hop program for young people serving Little Havana and Overtown and based on the original elements of hip-hop. With challenge funding, the studio will incorporate house dance, lindy hop, writing and cultural events into its programming, as well as deejaying, emceeing, spoken word and graffiti. The project also will also collaborate with local, national and international performance companies to mentor the program’s participants.

Miami’s nonprofit, professional 6th Street Dance Studio/WholeProject is located in the heart of Little Havana. Directed by professional dancer-choreographer Brigid Baker, the studio is known for its open-air, open-door hospitality and has been home to some of the best professionals in contemporary, urban and commercial dance. Baker ensures that the studio upholds life principles of deep ecology, diversity and greenness. The studio is “dedicated to conquering barriers of racism, sexism, classism and all other forms of small mindedness.”

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