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To support TurboVote's deployment, testing, and expansion on college campuses in Miami

TurboVote, an up-and-coming startup, wants to become the “Netflix of voting” by revolutionizing voter registration and vote by mail via the Internet and snail mail.

The concept is simple: Users fill out voter registration or vote by mail forms on their Internet browser, then TurboVote prints an official document based on that data. TurboVote sends users a paper copy through snail mail along with an envelope pre-printed with the address of each user’s local voter election board — very much how Netflix’s original business model works.

Once a user gets the form and envelope, all they’ve got to do is sign the form, stuff it in the envelope and drop it in the mail.

But that’s not all: TurboVote also send users text message reminders when registration or voting deadlines are approaching to remind them to get their paperwork in the mail. Reminders are sent for elections at every level of government, including local, state and federal.

Project Team

Democracy Works

TurboVote is a service provided by Democracy Works, Inc., a nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization devoted to improving civic engagement through the use of technology.

We have been funded by the Sunlight Foundation, Google, the Knight Foundation, Weinmann Charitable Trusts, New Place Fund, Youth Engagement Fund, and many individual donors who supported us on Kickstarter. TurboVote is happily housed in the Blue Ridge Foundation New York incubator space and receives legal policy support from the Fair Elections Legal Network.