Augmented Miami (A New Way of Experiencing Art)

Via Ivan Toth Depeña


To promote innovation in the local arts community by creating a series of multimedia, augmented-reality public art projects that exist in both the physical and virtual worlds

To promote innovation in the local arts community, Ivan Toth Depeña will develop a series of public art installations that use geography and augmented reality to create contemplative viewer experiences. The multidisciplinary projects, taking place at several locations throughout Miami-Dade County, will blur the boundaries between the physical and virtual world. The art will be experienced mainly using a mobile device. Here’s how it might work: Pedestrians walking by a project site might notice a way-finding device or get a notification on their smartphone or tablet that announces the site-specific project. Using a custom-designed mobile app, they will point their device’s camera at the site, where a performance starts to unfold or a sculpture generates virtually on the screen. As the camera pans, other performers join in or the form develops dynamically. The experience is designed to be an immersive, multisensory discovery tour of urban and suburban environments throughout Miami.

Ivan Toth Depeña is an artist living and working in both New York and South Florida. Depeña's work exemplifies the harmonic moment when various creative disciplines come together seamlessly.

Project Team

Ivan Toth Depeña

Ivan Toth Depeña