Civic Cloud

Via CCTV Center for Media & Democracy


To create a prototype rollout and governance model for the Civic Cloud Project, a cloud computing infrastructure utilizing Burlington, Vermont's public gigabit network for non-commercial Internet applications.

The Civic Cloud will provide tools for innovative community organizers, nonprofits and civic hackers in Burlington, Vermont. The Civic Cloud will build on Burlington’s fiber-optic gigabit network which provides Internet speeds of over 100 times the average national broadband speed.

The Civic Cloud will be available for the community to use as a platform for public, non-commercial Internet applications and digital creative works. Several applications will be deployed during an initial prototyping phase of the Civic Cloud. High-definition live streaming will be provided for community media outlets to webcast live public meetings and cultural events. WordPress websites will be hosted for several Vermont nonprofits including rescue squads, food shelves, job banks and historical societies. A collection of volunteer-developed applications and a state-of-the-art website deployed to the Civic Cloud will help Big Heavy World preserve and promote Vermont-made music. Lakecraft, an educational multi-user game, aimed at youth and adults that gamifies the Lake Champlain Basin will also be one of the first applications to run on the Civic Cloud.

Project Team

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