Civic Engagement Toolkit for Local Election Officials

Via Center for Technology and Civic Life


Helping local governments more easily engage with communities by developing a civic engagement toolkit for election offices,including website templates,icons and illustrations that provide visual guides for information seekers,wait-time calculators and other tools.

Local governments produce information that is important to voters. However, there are few communications avenues for people to access this information and engage with their local governments to help shape policy and decision-making. To tackle this issue, the Center for Technology and Civic Life will develop a civic engagement toolkit, designed in concert with local election officials. The kit will include a set of tools for election offices such as an election website template, visual icons and illustrations, resource allocation calculators, and other tools. It will help local officials identify how to best use communication tools, and measure the reach and impact of the information they are sharing.

Project Team

Center for Technology and Civic Life