Knight Community Information Challenge

The Knight Community Information Challenge helps community and place-based foundations play leading roles in meeting their community’s information needs.

Knight Foundation started the initiative in 2008 as seismic shifts in the media industry became apparent and community leaders searched for ways to help keep people informed about important issues. The effort built on the Knight Commission’s recommendations on how to better meet local information needs –including rethinking public media, expanding the reach of broadband access and increasing digital and media literacy.

Knight Foundation encouraged community foundations to step into the debate and find and fund solutions. For five years, culminating in 2013, the foundation offered matching funding for news and information projects through an open contest, with 100 projects awarded support.

Going forward, Knight Foundation will help advance the field by doubling down on four successful projects, helping them to scale and sharing their insights with both foundations and communities.

In addition, Knight Foundation will continue to:

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