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At Knight Foundation, we want art to be an integral part of community life, so that it is seen, felt, and heard in neighborhoods throughout the city. Art inspires us and challenges us, but, perhaps most importantly, it can bring people together and connect them more deeply to each other and to the place they call home. That’s why we launched our Community Arts Grantmaking program in 2010, to invest in the arts ecosystem in Knight cities so that the arts can continue to strengthen communities.

In 2018, the program will accept proposals from people and organizations in seven cities: Akron, Ohio, Charlotte, Macon, Ga., Miami, Philadelphia, St. Paul, Minn., and San Jose, Calif.

We are looking for artistic endeavors that demonstrate one or more of the following characteristics:

Artistic excellence: We fund partners who create or present art that has the capacity to transform and inspire. We look for projects that are the result of a serious and rigorous practice, and that bring quality, engaging art experiences to communities.

Authenticity and inclusion:We seek to ensure that the arts ecosystem reflects the voices and values of the communities in our cities. We are looking for artistic partners who reflect the rich diversity of the Knight cities, promote diversity in arts leadership and make arts experiences more accessible, participatory and engaging.

Technological innovationWe seek to identify ways technology can be a tool for artists to enhance their practice, for organizations to attract and engage audiences, and for consumers to access, experience and support the arts. We fund partners who use technology to achieve these objectives.


For arts funding opportunities in Detroit, read about the Knight Arts Challenge.

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