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Making government contract bidding more transparent by simplifying the way smaller companies bid on government work

The government procurement process can be both highly complicated and time-consuming  - making it difficult for small businesses to discover and bid on contracts and for journalists and transparency advocates to see where public money is going.  As White House Presidential Innovation Fellows, Clay Johnson and Adam Becker built a simple tool for governments to easily post requests for proposals, or RFPs. Based on its early success at the federal level, the team is planning to expand the software to help states and cities. In addition, they will build a library of statements of work that any agency can adapt to their needs. The goal is to bring more competition into government bidding, as a way to both reduce costs and ensure that the most qualified team gets the job.

Note: Grant ID 2013-45680.

Project Team

Department of Better Technology

We design and build software for government. We strive to improve processes, increase efficiency, and promote transparency with the applications we create. Our first product is, a new tool for making small-dollar competitive-bid procurements more efficient, less expensive, and more accessible to small businesses.