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    At Knight Foundation, our mission is to support informed and engaged communities. Investing in art and culture is central to that effort.  We work with partners who create or present art that connects, engages and delights residents in ways that reflect the rich diversity and identity of each Knight city. We endeavor to make art accessible by funding anchor institutions and by supporting grassroots initiatives of individual artists and organizations. This two-pronged approach and our focus on specific communities increase the impact of our work.

    We do not tell artists what to create or institutions what work to present. We fund artists and organizations that demonstrate the following strategic characteristics:  

    • Artistic excellence: The creation and presentation of art that has the capacity to transform and inspire.
    • Authenticity and inclusion: Artistic practices that reflect the rich diversity of our communities, that promote diversity in arts leadership and universal engagement with the arts.
    • Technological innovation: The use of evolving technology that helps people create, exhibit and relate to art.  


    Knight’s arts program invests in artistic excellence, authenticity and inclusion and technological innovation in eight communities where the Knight brothers owned newspapers. We do not have programs specific to any one artistic genre, but look to create impact through the following:

    • Knight New Work Miami: Application period open through August 31, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Learn more
    • Knight Arts Challenge: Winners to be announced in October 2018. Learn more
    • Open Calls:
      • Art & Technology Prototype Fund: Learn more
      • Art & Technology Staffing Positions
    • Letters of Inquiry: Learn more

    Arts Staff

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    Chris Barr

    Director/Arts + Technology Innovation

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    Priya Sircar


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    Jayne Butler


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    Adam Ganuza


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    Michelle Carter