Miami Sites Project

Via Hattie Mae Williams


To explore the past and present of the historic Venetian Pool and the Miami Marine Stadium by creating a site-specific dance performance

Helping to celebrate two of Miami’s historic gems, choreographer Hattie Mae Williams will present site-specific dance pieces at both the Venetian Pool — for its 90th birthday — and the Miami Marine Stadium. Local artists Christian Salazar and Jamil Gonzalez will document the project, creating a mashup for broadcast on the Internet and submissions to Miami film festivals. Williams will recruit local high school students to perform the piece, which she considers a celebration of the city's past and an opportunity to raise awareness of the beauty of site-specific performances.

Hattie Mae Williams, a Miami native and New World School of the Arts graduate, resides in New York City, directing, teaching and creating various projects with her company The Tattooed Ballerinas, and pushing the boundaries of site-specific dance and interdisciplinary art.

Project Team

Hattie Mae Williams