Ohana API

Via Code for America Labs, Inc.


To extend and publicly launch Ohana API, a tool for organizing and publishing databases of social services available in a particular community.

Launched in beta in San Mateo County, Calif., this Code for America project connects the public with community resources through one centralized database. Need help paying for food, finding affordable healthcare or connecting with a social worker? Ohana, an open source project functioning much like a 2-1-1 service, can help people locate the services they need, display them on a map and make them easily printable. This database unites information on health, human and social services that are often kept in separate silos, making localized results difficult to find. Exposing the data through a web API, the tool allows users to quickly access targeted community information through applications like search engines, smart phones, or SMS. With challenge funding, Ohana will enhance its service to build and host an easy-to-implement tool.

Project Team

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